Today for Tomorrow

Only observation and consent is not enough. Here, we practice what we preach. Our sustainable and social responsible values are not just a theory. Following the long-term profitability strategy we understand that „today“ implies „tomorrow“ and that helps us to reduce our own environmental impact.

service1-minDue to international scale of our business we learn and share in a very short time. Following the trends we are concentrating on product stewardship to give our customers benefit of being the leader of innovation in their fields and promote sustainable growth and vital corporate activity.

service1-minWe choose our partners responsibly to influence our contribution to supply chain and we optimize all processes with possible impact on this subject. Therefore in Vitachem we emphasise the necessity of recycling, reducing greenhouse effect, waste minimization or reducing water consumption.

service1-minWe are aware of limitation of resources in industries we serve. Having this in mind our we aim to minimize wastage and we store bigger amounts to be able to meet orders of smaller customers.


A change begins with most important part of an organizations - people.



It is not enough just to speak about it. That's why we put it into the practice.



Once you are an example you have to influence the other parts of supply chain.



Although boldly but we are determined to influence the whole environment.