Know the market, care about customers, deliver the results.

Who else is the driving force of the organisation unless the people themselves? As a private-owned company, in Vitachem we want to continually strengthen our market position.

Here we believe in “first the organisation, then the business”. This means for us building an effective organisation and dedicated sales force as the base for business development and growth.

Strong market presence and know-how, strengthened with long term partnerships with our customers really shows, than business of 21st century is people’s business and its personal, more than ever in the past.

The business of this century


Our strength lies in our people. Above the focus on pure trading, here at Vitachem we offer the technical know-how from the manufacturers, we work closely with R&D on both sides of our business and we put strong focus on specialities with added value. We help our customers develop unique products, which will distinguish them on the market. We are here to bring ideas to life – together with our supplying partners. And finally, together with our customers, we celebrate their success!